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Having boots on the ground certainly the tried and true way for roofers to get business. However, many companies today are passing up old school roofers by gaining customers online. Organic search traffic increases every day as people use Google to find businesses for their needs. Savvy roofers who know how to harness the Google Business Profile (GBP) will be ahead of the competition.

Having an optimized GBP is an excellent way to gain visibility online and ensure a ringing phone. Homeowners often go directly to Google to find the services they need. As a result, Google reviews, business information, and complete service information is invaluable.

With a strong GBP, you’ll:

  • Be visible to homeowners searching for roofers in your area
  • Build social proof with reviews from your current customers
  • Get higher conversions and customer calls with images of your roofing work

How Does GBP Impact
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Are You New to Online Marketing?

Let’s walk you through the basics.

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Advanced Google Business Profile Concepts Explained

The Importance of Questions and Answers

People who search for roofing services online obviously have questions. They want to know who the best roofers are, how much it costs, how long it takes, and many other common questions. If you answer them right away, you’ll get customers in the door faster.

Add Keywords to Your GBP

Add keywords to the GBP system by figuring out how potential clients are searching for your services. Strategically integrated keywords also shows Google what your business is about and why your customers love working with you. Our team can help you optimize your page with keywords to increase your visibility online.

Enhance Your Profile with Geo-Tagged Photos

It’s important to show images of your business and your roofing experience. In addition, adding EXIF data with latitude and longitude coordinates tells Google more about the images. This can increase your profile’s visibility in Google searches. Why? Customers love images, and, therefore, Google loves serving search results with high-quality, geo-tagged photos.

Make Google Posts

GBP has a post feed almost like a social media platform. When you regularly post information to your GBP, you can get information to customers faster. Service information, images, sales, specials, and more will encourage Google to show your business to searchers more often. Using click-to-call links on your posts can also attract people looking to reroof their houses right away. 


My roofing company doesn’t have a storefront. Can I still have a GBP?

Yes, you can have a Google Business Profile (GBP) even if your roofing company doesn’t have a physical storefront. Google allows businesses without a storefront to create a GBP and showcase their services to potential customers.

Should I create a Business Profile if I already have a website?

Yes, it’s still good to create a GBP even if you already have a website. A GBP allows you to appear in local search results and provides a quick overview of your business information to potential customers. It can complement your website and help you reach a wider audience.

How do I verify my Business Profile on Google?

To verify your GBP, Google has a fairly simple process. Typically, it requires a verification code to be sent to your business address or phone number. You can then enter the code in your GBP account to complete the verification.

Should I respond to reviews on Google for my business?

Yes, it’s important to respond to reviews on Google for your business. Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers’ feedback and demonstrates good customer service. It also allows you to address any concerns or issues raised by customers and build a positive online reputation.

Will you give tailored advice to help my business?

714Web specializes in providing customized GBP management services to help optimize your online presence. Our team can assist you in creating and managing your GBP. This ensures that it is fully optimized with accurate information, engaging content, and positive customer reviews. 

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